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Greet your guests with a statement-making door mat

Not only are door mats necessary, ridding your shoes of dirt and debris before you step into your home sweet home, these outdoor entryway rugs are a style statement, too! Think about it: a door mat is the first up-close glimpse of those who live inside. Embrace the moment and choose a piece that says ‘hello’ in just the way you want.

Our tips for choosing the right door mat for your home

Embrace color and pattern in your door mat

Our indoor/outdoor rugs come in welcome-home sizes in so many colors and patterns: stripes, geometric, Moroccan, tropical, and more!

Send a message

From monogram initials to amusing catchphrases, if you want words, we’ve got words! Nothing says ‘welcome’ like a lighthearted message on your front step.

Pair your outside and inside

Coordinate the mat on your doorstep with an entryway rug in your foyer or mud room. Choose a single indoor/outdoor pattern in both a mat size and a runner; or find colors and patterns that work together.
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