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Wool Geometric Rug
$516$206with sale
Southwestern Abstract Fringed Rug
$430$172with sale
6' x 9' Vibrant Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug
$2187$875with sale
Washable Southwestern Medallion Rug
$366$147with sale
Striped Chevron Rug
$935$374with sale
Wool Floral Rug
$711$284with sale
Wool Aztec Rug
$1136$398with sale
Tree Of Paradise Medallion Rug
$366$146with sale
Vibrant Adileh Rug
$593$237with sale
Bohemian Chindi Braided Rug
$158$63with sale
Carnival Shag Rug
$460$184with sale
Jen Irregular Geometric Rug
$324$194with sale
Mosaic Medallion Rug
$153$61with sale
Kaleidoscope Wool Rug
$607$243with sale
Flower Power Rug
$1097$439with sale
Vibrant Meadow Rug
$333$133with sale
Moroccan Diamond Rug
$304$91with sale
Moroccan Brilliance Rug
$431$172with sale
Kaleidoscope Wool Rug
$832$333with sale
Paneled Geometric Rug
$145$58with sale
Katrina Blooming Rosette Rug
$172$60with sale
Antique Persian Rug
$474$190with sale
Nordic Medallion Rug
$495$173with sale
Chindi Chevron Rug
$1351$270with sale
Ocean Drive Rug
$518$104with sale
Aztec Fiesta Rug
$477$191with sale
Antoinette Washable Stain Resistant Rug
$169$67with sale
Michelle Shag Sunsets Rug
$396$238with sale
Nadine Vintage Aztec Washable Rug
$627$251with sale
Fiesta Medallion Shag Rug
$754$369with sale
Iris Fading Oriental Medallion Rug
$352$141with sale
Clouded Impressionism Rug
$277$111with sale
Angeline Washable Stain Resistant Rug
$169$67with sale
Native Iris Medallion Washable Rug
$212$85with sale
Withered Bloom In Bouquet Rug
$409$164with sale
Firenzia Washable Colorful Traverse Rug
$169$67with sale
Leith Washable Aztec Totem Rug
$428$171with sale
Mottled Medallion Rug
$237$107with sale
Paneled Geometric Rug
$381$152with sale
Faded Bohemian Fringed Indoor/Outdoor Rug
$481$192with sale
Leaflet Fountain Rug
$282$113with sale
Swirl Rug
$326$130with sale
Patchwork Abstract Rug
$233$93with sale
Moroccan Diamond Rug
$881$352with sale
Acantha Floral Rug
$885$265with sale
Bohemian Chindi Braided Rug
$353$141with sale
Braided Chindi Spectrum Jute Rug
$265$106with sale
Ambience Shag Tasseled Rug
$675$270with sale
Contemporary Ripples Shag Rug
$488$195with sale
Braided Chindi Pinstripes Rug
$358$125with sale
Vibrant Meadow Rug
$296$118with sale
Modern Striped Wool Rug
$559$224with sale
Lane Retro Stripes Kids Rug
$400$160with sale
Psychedelic Vision Rug
$453$181with sale
Edina Southwestern Valley Peaks Rug
$338$203with sale
Paneled Geometric Rug
$341$136with sale
Yvette Washable Stain Resistant Rug
$601$240with sale
Amuletic Aztec Rug
$1145$458with sale
9' x 12' Mardin Regal Clover Rug
$1637$655with sale
Santina Washable Colorful Rug
$255$102with sale
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Bohemian Area Rugs & Runners

Let your inner adventurer roam free on our boho area rugs. Boho style is famous for its bold colors and ornate patterns; but, if you?re craving a lower-key look, we offer a vast and irresistible swath of materials, textures, and sizes to choose from. Let your feet sink into one of our fluffy shag rugs that feels soft underfoot; browse rugs adorned with colorful diamond, circle, and hexagon patterns to create a roomscape rich in beautiful hues; pick one of our silky-soft Oriental and Persian rugs inspired by centuries-old motifs and rendered in hardy, powerloomed synthetics; fall in love with floral rugs that make your whole room bloom; and treat yourself to one of our multicolor braided rugs to add a homey feeling to any room.

Where to Place Bohemian Rugs

  • Craving something out of your design comfort zone, but feeling nervous about committing to a full look? A 2x3 Bohemian Rug will give your nook or cranny just the right amount of ?pop? you?re seeking. Place a multicolor braided rug next to a doorway as a cheerful welcome for all your guests.
  • 5x8 Bohemian Rugs will take any room to the next level. Choose a rich medallion pattern to serve as a focal point for a medium-sized living room rug, or place a technicolor wool rug atop a jute bedroom rug for a rich, layered feel.
  • 9x12 Bohemian Rugs instantly turn your dining room into a jewel-toned oasis. Anchor a chic four- to six-person dining room table with a handmade, plush, and vibrant wool rug.
  • Bohemian Runners are another great option for home decorators who want a subtle pop of color. Bridge two neutral rooms with a Boho-inspired Persian design that?ll put pep into anyone?s step. Pair with a rug pad for extra grip!

Bohemian Rugs We Love

  • Braided Bohemian Rugs dial up the color on a time-honored weave to really make your room sing.
  • Wool Bohemian Rugs are made from a classic, renewable fiber that has a unique resistance against wear and tear.
  • Jute & Sisal Bohemian Rugs offer both intricate patterns and texture?the mix of materials and authentic patterns look truly one-of-a-kind.