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5x8 and 5x7 Area Rugs

5x8 area rugs are a common size customers look for, but if you’re looking for 5x7 area rugs, we’ve got those too! These items are foundational pieces and truly multi-purpose. From cozy cottages to vast ranches, a 5x8 creates a pop of color and texture anywhere you need it most, subtly anchoring the rest of your room. Whether you’re looking for a colorful Persian to place under your living room coffee table for Monopoly night, or a fluffy shag in the bedroom to warm those first steps every morning, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Place 5x8 or 5x7 Rugs

  • 5x8 Rugs make great centerpieces for smaller living rooms. Place the front legs of sofas and chairs on top of the rug to create a seating vignette.
  • 5x8 Rugs are the perfect choice for small dining tables like two-seat café-style dining sets. Outdoor 5x8 Rugs are also stain-resistant, easy to clean for spills, and can be moved outside in the warmer months for al fresco dining!
  • 5x8 Shag Rugs in your bedroom add a touch of vibrance at the base of your full- or queen-size bed. At the same time, they can help define a cozy nook in the corner of your bedroom when paired with chairs and a pouf.
  • Low Pile 5x8 Rugs looks great in your home office under tables and desks. The low pile ensures that chairs can roll around smoothly.

5x8 and 5x7 Rugs We Love

  • Boho 5x8 Rugs are the perfect pop for a small space. Start experimenting with color and pattern in this adaptable, multi-purpose size.
  • Southwestern 5x8 Rugs will transport you to the sublime scenery of the desert with their distinctive motifs—no matter where you live.
  • Beach 5x8 Rugs will enliven your home with coastal flair, even in the dead of winter.